Michigan man causes fear by hauling a 30-foot trailer up to Perry Nuclear Power Plant, alleges he may have a bomb inside it

Published: Apr. 8, 2021 at 9:35 PM EDT
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Man drives hundred of miles out of the way to threatened the plant
Man drives hundred of miles out of the way to threatened the plant(Center Road, Perry, Ohio)

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) -The fear was real in Perry; fortunately, the threat was not. It took authorities a while before they could declare the scene secure. A man from out of state made a major detour to come to Ohio. His plan caused concern in Lake County at the Perry Nuclear Power plant.

First things first, there is no present or ongoing danger, according to Lake County Sheriff Frank Leonbruno. He’s not from Ohio, and he has no federal priors and but he does have some minor drug-related incidents dating back to 2010.

Sheriff Frank Leonbruno.

“There was a disgruntled employee who wouldn’t leave the property.”

Michael Fogelsong, from Michigan, was driving a pick-up truck hauling a 30-foot trailer, and he pulled up to the gate at the Perry Nuclear Power Plant.

“He got out and said there might be a bomb in my trailer.”

Perry Village police put two men in the back of their car; one was a 19-year-old unsuspecting passenger. He was later released. The bomb squad also responded, and so did the FBI, who took over the investigation.

“The bomb squad found that there was no bomb in the vehicle. The vehicle was towed from the property. It is in storage and is being searched today.”

Fogelsong is from Michigan and was finishing up a delivery run when he decided to approach the nuclear power plant.

Again, Chief Leonbruno, “Apparently, made a delivery in Cincinnati and on his way back diverted to Perry.”

That’s a 285 mile, 4 plus hours driving reroute.

“We don’t believe Mr. Foglesong is part of any left or white wing extremist group indications are there may have been some drugs or health issues involved that’s under investigation.”

Fogelsong is locked up at the Lake County Sheriff’s jail, and he is charged with, among other things, trespassing and inducing panic at a nuclear facility.

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