Jadeveon Clowney looking forward to a lot of wins, and some ‘one-on-one’s’

3-time Pro Bowl defensive end finally on board with Browns
Updated: Apr. 14, 2021 at 4:23 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - It’s easy to see why Jadeveon Clowney views the Browns differently than a year ago.

“Yeah, they are winning,” Clowney said during his zoom introductory press conference on Wednesday. “They have a great team. They are definitely a winning team. They won 12 games last year, right? More than what the team I played for won last year. I like this division for one. I think it is great competition. I get to play with great players beside me. That was one of my other decisions. I have decided the guys beside me are always going to be help, whoever I play with. Me and those two decisions were who I was going to play with. That was basically it – who I can play with and who is going to help me get further in my career.”

And winning was the #1 requirement. But there were other factors. $10 mil for one year isn’t bad. And, after years of getting double-teamed, he now gets to line up alongside Myles Garrett, and go one-on-one for a change.

“Yeah, it is definitely frustrating,” Clowney said. “You gameplan all week to go against one person, watch him all week to get pass rush reps and then you go into the game and all of a sudden, it is two people in front of you or somebody there to chip you the whole game. You know it is a good thing for you if they are doing that to you or they still notice you out there making plays and you can expect the game. I take it as a plus and a minus – they respect me on one end, but it is not good for me with all of these guys in front of you and you are trying to get to the quarterback.”

Landing Clowney puts the Browns in historic territory. They now have three first-overall picks on their team, as Jadeveon joins Myles and Baker Mayfield.

But Clowney, heading into his 8th season, has yet to live up to the hype. He believes that’s finally about to change.

“I do not think everybody got to see the person they drafted yet,” Clowney said. “I think I am working back towards that, but I am well on my way now. I made three Pro Bowls, and it is funny because I have not ever really been all the way healthy to the point where I felt like nothing was bothering me. I still can dominate this league – I know that – but if I ever reach my max potential or get back there like I feel now, they say the sky is the limit, but it is probably higher than that. They have footprints on the moon, though. That is where we are trying to reach. I just want to stay healthy. If I play 16 games, I think we will be ready to see. Just let me work on that.”

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