Man fatally shot by Cleveland police Thursday was wanted for 2 crimes, including murder

Mother of Shaker Heights woman murdered allegedly by man shot and killed by police; says she had alr

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - The man shot and killed by a Cleveland Police officer on Thursday was wanted for two crimes, including the murder of a Shaker Heights mother on Sept. 1.

It’s a bizarre twist of fate for 25-year-old Innes Lee, Jr. of Cleveland. Lee was shot and killed on Thursday when he pulled a gun on Cleveland Police.

Bodycam video showed the intense moments.

Officers were prepared to take him into custody on two separate crimes.

So, is this some form of justice for the family of murder victim Karen Hunter, or do they feel robbed of their day in court?

Seventy-year-old Loretta Hunter said Karen was her youngest daughter and the second daughter to die from violence.

“I wasn’t robbed of my day in court because I wasn’t going to go to court. I have been through this before when my oldest daughter (a mother of four) was murdered in 1997,” she said.

The Shaker Heights woman said she was not really surprised to hear that the man wanted for killing her youngest daughter was fatally shot and killed himself.

Innes Lee, Junior died shortly after he pulled a gun on Cleveland police Thursday morning. It was all captured on police bodycam video. Officers wanted to take Lee into custody on two arrest warrants -- including Hunter’s murder at a Sunoco Gas station on East 131st and Harvard Avenue. At the time of the shooting, Lee was actually free on bond from an aggravated robbery charge.

“He pulled a gun. I don’t know if he had a death wish or what? You know they say you live by the sword, you die by the sword,” Hunter said.

The Shaker Heights grandmother and great grandmother says she has already forgiven Lee for her daughter’s death and decided not to sit through another court trial because reliving the pain hurts too much. That’s why she has compassion for Lee’s mother and family, “I feel for his mother, I feel for his children if he has them. Because I know what the loss of a child is and pray that she can live through if she is still living.”

It’s her daughter’s life, kind heart, and generosity that Hunter said will endure after a violent death, “It’s been very hard because I’ve had several illnesses, I’ve had cancer twice, and each time she’s been my caregiver,” her mother Loretta Hunter said.

Hunter says no matter what’s happens; she’ll have to accept it because nothing will bring her daughter back.

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