NFL Draft Memories: First the wrong call came for Bob Golic, then the right call came

Golic dropped in Draft, but eventually found his way home
Updated: Apr. 21, 2021 at 11:52 AM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - 42 years ago, Bob Golic sat in his Notre Dame dorm room waiting for the call.

Bob Golic
Bob Golic(Bob Golic)

He got two.

“I got a phone call and I said ‘yeah, it’s Bob Golic’, and this voice on the other side said ‘Bob, this is Brother downstairs, can you bring the vacuum cleaner back down when you get a chance?’,” Golic recalled during a zoom interview.

And then ...

“About five minutes after that I got a phone call, and it was the New York Giants,” Golic said.

“‘Bob, this is so-and-so, how do you feel about playing offensive line?’”.

Not exactly what a linebacker wants to hear. You have to remember, Golic was coming off a spectacular career for the Fighting Irish. Team captain, along with Joe Montana. A national title the year before.

Bob Golic with Notre Dame head coach Dan Devine, RB Jerome Heavens and QB Joe Montana
Bob Golic with Notre Dame head coach Dan Devine, RB Jerome Heavens and QB Joe Montana(Bob Golic)

“I had heard I was gonna be in the Top 10 initially,” Golic says. “But I blew my knee out in the last game of the season, and then was goofing around wrestling and did it again.”

So he dropped. Down to Round 2. And that’s when Bucko Kilroy and the Patriots came a’calling.

“Finally at around ten minutes after 2:00 the phone rings and I pick it up. ‘Bob, Bucko Kilroy, New England Patriots’, and at that point I’m thinking ‘a punter, maybe?’,” Golic joked. “And he says ‘we just picked you up with our second-round pick’, and I said ‘linebacker, right?’, and he said ‘yeah, of course’.”

Bob Golic
Bob Golic(Bob Golic)

Golic had landed in New England. He wouldn’t stay there. Three years later, he ended up with the team he really wanted to play for. The team he grew up watching. The Browns. And if it felt like being back in South Bend, there was a reason.

“To me, Cleveland was like college,” Golic says. “From the sense that, you weren’t just on a team, you were part of a team, and the fans were the student body.

“But you were doing it for your city, for the place where you grew up. I couldn’t have found anything better.”

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