Tree grows into huge problem for family on Cleveland’s West side

Tree grows into huge problem for family on Cleveland’s West side
(Source: Vic Gideon)

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - “This is my nightmare,” said Samantha Daniels of a mature oak on the tree lawn of her property on Brighton Avenue in Cleveland where she’s lived since 2005. “The roots are tearing up the sidewalk, it’s going toward the foundation of the house, it’s pushing the curb out on the street, it’s lifting the apron up my driveway.”

Daniels said she has been worried about the tree and has been calling the city since 2007.

“The city of Cleveland, I know it’s their policy, is that they will not take down a tree even if it’s damaging your sidewalk and apron unless it’s either diseased or dying,” said Cleveland Ward 11 Councilman Brian Mooney, who said it’s a problem and the number one complaint in his ward.

Tree grows into huge problem for family on Cleveland's West side

And residents can’t take down trees on their own since they belong to the city.

“The resident doesn’t have that ability and the city won’t cut down a healthy tree,” said Mooney.

The city is responsible for tree lawns and their trees and residents are responsible for their sidewalks. But the city does have a program to trim the roots of overgrown trees and split the cost of sidewalk repair with residents

“Maybe it’ll change with a new mayor,” said Mooney. “But I don’t know. It’s been the policy going back my entire lifetime. But it is a real problem. It’s very frustrating.”

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