Mother murdered in front of her 13-year-old son; He’s traumatized to have seen it

Published: Apr. 26, 2021 at 7:51 PM EDT
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The Saturday evening shooting death sends fear throughout the Slavic community, suspects still...
The Saturday evening shooting death sends fear throughout the Slavic community, suspects still on the loose(East 76th and Loma Court, Cleveland)

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - A mother’s murder witnessed by her young son.

A couple of young males opened fire without regard to his or her life.

It happened on Saturday, April 24th around 6:30. A neighbor of the murdered mother heard the deadly shots that rattled their Slavic Village neighborhood at East 76th and Loma Court.

Tangela Kirven didn’t see anything, but she sure heard the multiple gunshots that took her friend’s life.

“I love her just like you love a neighbor, my friend, I’m going to miss her,” said Kirven.

For 5 years, Kirven lived next door to her friend, Rosemary Hill, 48.

“I don’t know why they followed her from Dollar General,” said Kirven. “And when she pulled in her yard they pulled right there and got out.”

Hill’s 13 year-old son was in their SUV with her. His mother’s last words to him probably saved his life.

“She told her son don’t move,” said Tirven. “He didn’t move and they started shooting.”

When the shooting stopped and the deafening sound ended so had the mother and grandmother’s life. She was hit several times. Shot in the head and chest. Her son witnessed the cold-blooded, heartless murder.

“What bothers me is that he had to see that,” said Kirven. “Nobody should see that happen to their mother. It’s like they didn’t care.”

The two shooters hurriedly drove away leaving a teenaged son without a mother.

“He is right now traumatized. He came as soon as it happened and ran in my house and he said somebody shot my mother,” said Kirven. “I said, ‘What you talking about?’ I said, ‘Who shot your mother?’ He said, ‘Some boys,’ and he pulled his phone out and showed me his mother laying in the car seat.”

Heartbreaking to hear it... had to be more heartbreaking to witness it.

“I hope they get whoever done that,” Kirven said. “Me too. I pray for her soul and hope they find them so they can have some justice.”

Police are still looking for the two young males. They are investigating to figure out why they shot Rosemary Hill to death. CPD can use your help. If you know anything you are asked to call the cops.

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