Former home health aide to serve 5-year prison sentence for stealing $200k from those in her care

Former home health aide to serve 5-year prison sentence for stealing $200k from those in her care
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - A 40-year-old Grafton woman was sentenced to five years in prison for stealing more than $200,000 from a blind and disabled person placed in her care as a home health aide.

Jamie Kidd-Dunbar was also ordered to pay $217,096.52 in restitution, according to a press release from the U.S. Department of Justice.

Kidd-Dunbar pleaded guilty in 2020 to exploiting her position as a home health aide to steal the money.

“Our aging and disabled family members and friends must be able to trust those who are hired to assist them, said Acting U.S. Attorney Bridget M. Brennan.  “The fact that Ms. Kidd-Dunbar exploited that trust for her own personal gain, and ignored the needs of two women, one of whom was both blind and physically disabled and the other 90 years old, highlights the egregiousness of her conduct and underscores the need for a significant term of incarceration.”

Kidd-Dunbar became the paid home health aide for a 60-year-old woman who had suffered a series of strokes that left her blind and reliant on a wheelchair.

As her aide, Kidd-Dunbar was given access to her victim’s debit card to purchase groceries and household supplies.

She used the card to make cash withdrawals, and significant purchases from Amazon, PlayStation, and Rent-A-Center.

During the same time, Kidd-Dunbar helped her victim’s 90-year-old aunt, whose credit card information she was similarly given, according to the release.

After the aunt passed away in 2017, Kidd-Dunbar continued to use the woman’s credit card. She used her first victim’s debit card to pay off her charges.

The fraud was discovered when Kidd-Dunbar went on vacation and another aide asked her victim about the charges and withdrawals.

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