India experiences massive spike in COVID cases; Cleveland Clinic steps in to donate emergency aid

India experiences massive spike in COVID cases; Cleveland Clinic steps in to donate emergency aid

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - As the United States continues its progress in getting past this COVID-19 Pandemic – other parts of the world are getting hit harder than ever, particularly India.

That’s why the Cleveland Clinic is preparing to send emergency aid to help with the unprecedented surge, according to Doctor Atul Mehta, a Staff Physician with the Respiratory Institute of Cleveland. Aid that will ship out the week of May 3rd, “There are no hospital beds. So, there is a plan for them to open field hospitals, and the Cleveland Clinic is sending them beds and mattresses for the field hospitals. Actually, there are also fifteen pallets ready to go to India on Monday morning. Lots of personal protective equipment – including the eye shields, gowns, and the gloves and the masks.”

Coronavirus cases have increased so dramatically in India; the country averaged 3,050 deaths a day over the past week. There are also more than 357,000 new infections each day, and it’s believed those numbers are underestimated.

“When it comes to India, you know we have a large number of patients coming from India to the Cleveland Clinic for the treatment of a variety of conditions. As you know, a large number of our employees are of Indian origin,” Doctor Mehta said.

Doctor Mehta says the Cleveland Clinic and the Cleveland community have a direct connection to India, “We have a very large Indian community itself. Every family in Cleveland has someone infected with this disease or condition in India.” It’s believed the COVID 617 Variant, also detected in the U.S., has contributed to India’s massive spike. But India’s population is so large; doctors say it’s also difficult to social distance, “In the beginning, they were much better off and way behind the United States with the new cases, and hospitalizations and deaths. But I think it’s possible they’ve dropped their guard down too soon,” Doctor Mehta told 19 News.

If you would like to donate to help India’s COVID patients and hospitals, you can make a monetary gift at: (The site has been set up by the Cleveland Clinic.)

“With the Cleveland Clinics’ involvement, we will make certain that funds donated would be properly utilized. We have lots of connections, and we will make sure every penny is used for patient care,” Doctor Mehta said.

The United States is also sending $100-Million worth of COVID supplies to India’s hospitals.

President Joe Biden has also restricted traveling from India beginning May 4th.

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