Elderly residents of Mentor condominiums claim property manager is harassing them

Elderly residents of Mentor condominiums claim property manager is harassing them

MENTOR, Ohio (WOIO) - 19 News is investigating disturbing allegations made against a Mentor property manager.

Residents, former employees, and Mentor City Councilman Sean Blake tell 19 News these problems have been going on for years.

The former maintenance manager of Meadowlawn Condominiums in Mentor says he witnessed the property manager throw nails in front of an elderly resident’s garage. He says it was an act of revenge.

“You know, had to work under the property manager and witnessing things that he’s done to other people you know, it was, it was quite disturbing,” said Keith Washington, former maintenance manager at Meadowlawn Condominiums. “Telling me to look the other way, you know, throwing nails in back of individual’s cars, you know, so they can run it over, and it flatten their tires.”

Washington says in July, the property manager, Bryan Mansfield laid him off because he knew too much.

“Those were thrown behind my half of the garage, and if I hadn’t known from Keith, I wouldn’t have seen them,” said resident Patricia Stanton. “I would’ve gotten my tires full of these nails. Those nails were thrown behind my garage, which I felt was a threat on my life actually.”

That same property manager was caught on 81-year-old Phyllis Rosenbaum’s ring doorbell, making various obscene gestures.

“He went by my doorbell flipping me off,” Rosenbaum said. “He spit on my camera, and he’s just it’s constantly just trying to harass me.”

She says another time, he destroyed the decorations she had in the foyer.

“I had a nice philodendron out there,” Rosenbaum explained. “He cut it off at the roots. I had a nice flower arrangement; he took it and threw it in the garbage. He took some of the candle decorations down, and I called the police, and he admitted doing it.”

Rosenbaum says she’s filed at least seven police reports against him.

“It’s a civil case according to them until he does something but the fact that he spit on my doorbell during a pandemic it can be a charge against him,” said Rosenbaum.

Other residents tell 19 News they’ve gone without heat for more than a month and without hot water for more than a week. They believe the property manager did this on purpose.

“He needs to stop, that’s it, and he needs to resign because he has no business being in a position that he can’t treat everybody in here with respect,” Rosenbaum said.

19′s Kelly Kennedy tried to get Brian Mansfield’s side.

“No comment, for now, thank you,” Mansfield said.

“Several residents have told us you’ve been harassing them; you don’t have any comment on that whether or not that’s true?” Kennedy asked.

“It’s not true; you’ll have to talk to me lawyer,” said Mansfield.

When Kennedy asked him for his lawyer’s name, Mansfield did not respond.

City Councilman Sean Blake wrote an email on Monday to all five board members requesting the immediate dismissal of the property manager. Blake says he’s been getting complaints about Mansfield for the past six years. He called Mansfield a bully who picks on elderly women who can’t defend themselves.

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