How many Covid-19 vaccine doses go unused in Ohio?

How many Covid-19 vaccine doses go unused in Ohio?

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Nearly 200,000 Covid-19 vaccine doses have been wasted at providers and pharmacies across the country since late March, according to CDC data obtained by CNN.

The 19 News Vaccine Team wanted to see how many doses have been thrown out in Ohio.

We found 7.1 million doses have been administered as of May 2, and unusable doses since vaccinations began in December “make up approximately .1% of the doses administered,” according to the Ohio Department of Health.

They said that’s “less than the CDC expectation of 5% of unusable doses.”

These numbers don’t include doses allocated through the federal program.

ODH tracks vaccines as “unusable,” not wasted, when reported by state providers.

A spokesperson said temperature changes and accidents like vials breaking can make the vaccine “unusable.”

The health department keeps track of all of these records when something like this happens.

ODH also gives out this fact sheet as guidance to vaccine providers to cut down on wasting the shots.

It states if more than 20 doses are at risk of being thrown out, pharmacies and other providers should call the health department’s provider center to possibly transfer the vaccine elsewhere.

“As vaccine supply, demand, and administration strategies continue to evolve, providers must utilize new approaches to make vaccine readily available to the people in their communities. Administration strategies such as walk-ins, vaccination of homebound individuals, or smaller on-site clinics may present an increased risk of vaccine wastage. Vaccine providers should make all reasonable efforts to minimize vaccine wastage,” ODH spokesperson Alicia Shoults said.

Nationwide less than 1% of doses distributed had to be discarded.

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