Cleveland’s 2021 summer outlook: How hot will it get?

Warmer than normal temperatures are expected.
Edgewater beach is deemed safe after advisory (Source: WOIO)
Edgewater beach is deemed safe after advisory (Source: WOIO)
Updated: May. 6, 2021 at 5:41 AM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Get ready for frequent hot days this summer in the Cleveland area with likely heat waves. (Three straight 90 degree days.)

As far as number of 90 degree days, this is trickier. Northeast Ohio can have several 88s or 89s - so the true impact of summer heat can sometimes be camouflaged with those numbers.

The Cleveland area typically gets around 10 or so 90 degree days a summer in Cleveland.

Last year, there were 16 days of 90-plus degree heat.

Our forecast for 2021 is more than 2020.

Seventeen to 22 90 degree days are expected this summer.

Our forecast for the hottest temperature of the summer is 97 degrees.

Last year Cleveland hit 95 degrees.

The all-time record high for Cleveland on any day is 104 degrees in 1988.

As always, this is just a forecast, but it’s based on historical weather data and current global patterns. Seasonal forecasts, no matter where you find them, are best guesses.

One feature we look into is whether or not there is a formation of La Nina or El Nino.

It’s warmer or cooler than normal ocean waters in the Pacific Ocean.

While we usually think of these waters affecting our winter forecast - they can also play a role in our summer weather, too. This year, we’re hanging on to an La Nina pattern, albeit a weakening one.

Still, it should influence this summer.

We usually see warmer summers across the country in general in a La Nina year, so I do expect warmer than average temperatures for northern Ohio.

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