‘I’m doing everything to protect myself’: Elderly Mentor woman granted restraining order against her property manager

Published: May. 11, 2021 at 10:40 PM EDT
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MENTOR, Ohio (WOIO) - A Mentor property manager is accused of harassing elderly residents, stealing from them and now, even road rage.

19′s Kelly Kennedy tried to get answers Tuesday from the Board President of Meadowlawn Condominiums, Diane Delehanty VanHimbergen about the property manager, Bryan Mansfield.

“Several property owners have been making accusations against the property manager saying he’s been harassing them,” Kennedy said.

“There’s no comment, said another board member, Kris Karl.

“Why is he still working here if he’s harassing residents?” asked Kennedy. “You don’t have anything to say to us? We would really like to talk to you to see why this man hasn’t been fired if he’s harassing elderly residents? Dozens of people have reached out to us saying that he’s harassing, we even have videos of him harassing a resident. I think she now has a restraining order.”

The board president slammed her car door without saying a word.

19 News continues to receive complaints from people about Mansfield. His harassment was even captured on an elderly woman’s doorbell camera.

“Now I never know what to expect so I won’t let my guard down,” explained Phyllis Rosenbaum. “I mean, I put in a security system on my doorbell. I’m doing everything to protect myself. I just don’t know what he’ll do next.”

The court recently granted Rosenbaum a temporary restraining order against the property manager.

“Just simply the fact that for the last year he’s been harassing me one way or the other and I’m done,” Rosenbaum said. “I’m not gonna live that way.”

19 News spoke with a young woman who doesn’t live at Meadowlawn, but her grandmother does. She said she was bringing her groceries when the property manager nearly ran her off the road.

“He like, of course is in a golf cart so he’s going slower than like a vehicle would go so I was like, okay I’m just gonna go around him and as I did so he like swerved into the center of the road,” explained Allie Carroll. “So, I like just stopped a little bit and went back behind him and I was like okay, maybe he was just trying to let me go around him and we just like miscommunicated.”

Carroll said when she attempted to pass Mansfield again, he swerved onto the other side of the road, nearly causing a crash. She said her only option was to speed up and pass him.

“He zoomed in front of me and blocked me in at this corner and he like gets out and immediately comes up to my window pointing his finger like in my window, screaming at me,” Carroll said.

Former Maintenance Manager at Meadowlawn, Keith Washington was in the golf cart with Mansfield when this all happened.

“I was terrified,” said Washington. “I thought I was gonna lose my life, he was gonna lose his life, but most of all I seriously thought the young lady was going to hit a tree when she drove off into the grass, so she was very lucky.”

Carroll says after the near crash, Mansfield followed her and started screaming at her and demanded she give him her address.

“I’m obviously like a small female and I didn’t have anybody in the vehicle with me, so I didn’t understand how I posed enough of a threat for him to react that way but the best way I could describe it is I honestly felt claustrophobic from a person, even though he wasn’t in my immediate area at all times, but like every place I went he was right there stopping me,” said Carroll. “I don’t know, I just felt like I couldn’t go anywhere, and I didn’t know what was gonna happen especially since I was by myself.”

Carroll said it wasn’t until she called the police that Mansfield backed off.

“He followed her, blocking her like swerving so she couldn’t pass him, and she started to get past him a little bit and he said that he was gonna ram her car,” said Washington. “So yeah, it was pretty disturbing, and she actually drove through Meadowlawn just to get rid of him and she had the police on the phone as she’s doing it.”

Rosenbaum and Mansfield will be in court Monday morning. Rosenbaum is hoping she will be granted a permanent restraining order.

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