How the Top 5 current Cleveland athletes stack up among the best

#3 on our list is having a great run in his sport
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Updated: May. 12, 2021 at 11:24 AM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - #3 ... Nick Chubb.

How good is Nick Chubb? He missed four games last season because of the knee injury, and still finished in the Top 7 in rushing. All while sharing the duties with another tremendous back, Kareem Hunt, who actually had nine more carries than Chubb did in 2020. And, of course, if you really think that most of the six who finished ahead of Nick in rushing yards are better than him ... I mean, Jonathan Taylor had 42 more carries than Chubb, David Montgomery 57! ... well, then you haven’t really been watching.

Derrick Henry is the only back that may, may be better than Nick Chubb right now, and it took an incredible season-ender in 2019 for him to overtake Chubb for the rushing title two seasons ago.

It was during the 2019 season that we really started to see just how special Chubb is. Remember, he’d been overshadowed in college. and not only was a second-round pick, he was the fourth back drafted in 2018.

But by his sophomore season, he was rolling.

Through you, around you, away from you. He rumbled for just under 1500 yards. And he did it with a dagger, many of his runs stomping the hopes out of the opponent.

Since he came into the league, no back has more runs of 20 or more yards. Chubb has incredible, Terrell Davis-like cutback ability, the power to run over anyone, and the speed to break away. It’s a phenomenal, and at times unstoppable, combination.

The next number to explode, his salary. The top backs in the league make at least $15 mil a year. Nick Chubb makes $3.

Running backs may be valued a bit less than they were years ago, but we’re not talking about just another running back. We’re talking about one of the best in the NFL.

Maybe the best.

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