Suspects indicted and charged after East Cleveland Police say they lead three separate pursuits and hurt innocent people

Published: May. 12, 2021 at 7:34 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - It’s the beginning of justice for innocent people affected, hurt, even killed in the aftermath of high-speed police chases.

Three men have been indicted after police say they lead three separate chases in East Cleveland this year.

19 Investigates has been following the cases since they happened.

This week a grand jury saw evidence- likely the video we’ve shown you before- and agreed the suspects who lead the chases should be charged.

Most seriously, Ryan Clemmons is charged in the death of his passenger.

We showed you the video of the fiery crash that happened after police say Clemmons ran from officers.

Shawn Crenshaw was in the passenger seat during the chase and didn’t make it out alive.

Officers say they tried to pull his car over on Jan. 30, because they believed he was involved in drug activity.

After the crash, officers found he had guns he wasn’t legally allowed to have in the car.

Cornell Stevenson was also indicted this week.

Officers say he put three innocent people in grave danger, doing damage to their cars on Feb. 19.

Lastly, Steven Robinson was indicted for hitting four innocent people in a crash he caused at the end of March.

East Cleveland Police had stopped Steven Robinson for heavy window tint, but he took off.

Even after innocent people were hit and some hurt in these cases, East Cleveland Police continue to pursue suspects without looking back.

May 12th is day 132 of this year.

Updated numbers show East Cleveland officers have initiated 115 chases so far.

In the past, when we questioned why police continue dangerous pursuits for minor traffic infractions like window tint, the East Cleveland Police Chief said the blame for crashes like the ones in this story belongs not on police, but on the suspects.

The indictments are the first step in proving that.

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