Erratic drivers next to Parma car show caught on camera before 1 of several suspects speeds away from officers

Published: May. 17, 2021 at 6:42 PM EDT
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PARMA, Ohio (WOIO) - A wild crowd watched as cars went crazy in the middle of a busy public road.

Police said they are now searching for several drivers, including one who officers said took off when they showed up.

INFO NEEDED: Parma Police are looking for several suspects officers say were driving erratically on Day Drive Sunday. Witnesses say the chaos was spill-over from a car show going on in a nearby parking lot.

Posted by Hannah Catlett on Monday, May 17, 2021

Video posted to Facebook showed a muscle car spinning donuts with someone hanging out the window in the middle of an intersection on Day Drive in Parma.

Kevin Bonilla was there and said it was like the scene out of a movie.

The crowd was going wild, even as the vehicle comes within feet of people watching.

Bonilla said the gathering was a spillover from a car show event that was going on in a nearby parking lot.

He said the chaos went on for around 25 minutes and involved multiple cars before Parma Police showed up.

The cheering got even louder when officers arrived and went after a white Dodge Charger.

The driver didn’t stop though.

The driver took off into the shopping plaza, as other muscle cars zoomed by in a cloud of smoke.

When the charger flips around and takes off from the shopping center, police said the officers called off the chase because of the high speeds involved.

Bonilla hopes the drivers are held accountable, and that their actions were not an accurate representation of people who attend car shows like the one he came from.

Parma Police tell us they are looking into other drivers who participated Sunday too.

No one has been arrested just yet.

The white charger was the only car that led a chase.

We’re waiting on more information from Parma Police and we’ll let you know when we get it.

Meanwhile, if you have any information on suspects officers are looking for, call police.

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