Amtrak stepping up plans to connect Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton and Cincinnati with rail service for the first time in nearly 55 years

Updated: May. 19, 2021 at 9:54 PM EDT
Amtrak set to move forward with plans to connect multiple cities in Ohio
Amtrak set to move forward with plans to connect multiple cities in Ohio(Downtown Cleveland, Ohio)
Points north and south to be connected by Amtrak
Points north and south to be connected by Amtrak(Downtown Cleveland)


Amtrak wants to connect various cities in Ohio. It’s a concept that’s been on the table before during the Governor John Kasich administration. He turned down 400-million dollars of federal money saying the 3-C Corridor was not viable. That all changed when President Joe Biden took office in January. In fact, Amtrak is fast-tracking getting more states and cities connected by rail. Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton and Cincinnati now make up the 3-C + D corridor and it got the go ahead when the CEO of Amtrak Bill Flynn, it’s Stephen Gardner president of the rail service. Various mayors including from Cleveland gave their support in a recent video conference call.

Mayor Frank Jackson said, “Amtrak’s vision for Ohio, in particular, is really an investment in the future. Where there’s good, effective and efficient modes of transportation you’ll always get commerce to flow and investment opportunities to occur.”

Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley, who was also on that call, echoed that same sentiment.

“That’s why we support this in Dayton. We know that the effort to have this system for the state of Ohio will be key for us to connect to our friends in other communities and create good paying jobs.”

Amtrak’s CEO Bill Flynn made this point.

“We believe that rail really is the solution. Our plan, our broader national plan, is to grow rail service and connect new cities across our country and rise to the urgent challenge of our time and provide new and improved train service to millions of additional passengers.”

The 3-C+D corridor is estimated to have nearly a 130-million dollar a year impact in Ohio, which hasn’t rail service statewide since 1967.

Amtrak is looking to expand rail service along five routes. They include a plan to connect Cleveland to Columbus, Dayton and Cincinnati with three daily trips. There are also plans to have routes to other cities like Detroit, Buffalo, Albany and New York City.

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