Family member of murdered six year-old emotionally speaks out.

Published: May. 21, 2021 at 6:36 PM EDT
Police say his mother shot him to death April 24th, 2021
Police say his mother shot him to death April 24th, 2021(Cleveland)
Kaamkir Bringht's Stepmom
Kaamkir Bringht's Stepmom(Cleveland)


19 News first told you about the death of 6 year-old Kaamir Bringht almost a month ago. His mother called police and said someone had shot him and her. Now, she’s locked up, charged with his murder. The family speaks out for the first time since the tragedy.

“She shot my baby. Now, he’s dead.”

Emma Jean Cameron told us she’s the stepmother of 6 year-old Kaamir Bringht. She’s actually his father girlfriend. No matter what the family relationship is, it’s clear his death continues to haunt her. Police say his own mother Daneicha Bringht pulled the trigger that took her son’s life last month at this Fairfield Inn and Suites in Brooklyn. She was recently in court.

“You were flagged as a possible mental health individual. The only evidence I have of a qualifying diagnosis has been self-reporting.”

Daneicha knew something was wrong and the family warned of trouble. Police say it turned into an act of homicide. Bringht making a 9-1-1 call a half-hour after her son was shot.

“Somebody shot my son. Is he alive? I don’t know. My hand is shot.”

It’s the first indication we had that the child welfare system may have failed the child…that a system failure may have contributed to his death.

Again, Emma Jean Cameron.

“It’s a tragedy because I told human services I said please take him from her because if you don’t something is going to happen.” 19 News called the county to ask Children and Family Services about the allegation that they didn’t properly respond to the family’s pleads. The response to us “the mother is in jail awaiting trial.” That’s says nothing about the county agency’s responsibility to have done more to help ensure Kaamir’s safety. Emma Cameron.

“Daneicha always said before I let anybody take my child I’ll throw him in the lake or kill him myself and this is what happened.”

Daneicha’s next court appearance has not yet been scheduled.

You can find more information for reporting child abuse in Ohio here and for the national hotline information click here.

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