19 NEWS TROUBLESHOOTER: East side residents frustrated over city’s poor job of cleaning up impassable road

Published: May. 25, 2021 at 10:19 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Last week, 19 News told you about Hulda Court. It is a city-designated road on the east side of Cleveland that’s full of trash, the grass is overgrown, and it is virtually impassable.

The city did come out the day after we ran our first story, but the street doesn’t look much different at all. The city came and mowed over the garbage, but it is still not drivable or safe. Angel Chaney remembers when it was.

“I’m frustrated because when I call, they answer the phone if they answer because sometimes, I call and there’s nobody answering, but they never call me back,” Chaney said. “Oh yeah, we’re gonna send somebody out, oh yeah, you’re due for such and such time, and they never come out.”

Chaney has lived on Hulda Court all of her life. She says 45 years ago when she was a kid, people used to actually be able to drive down this street, and there used to be a street sign.

“The garbage was picked up back here,” explained Chaney. “So, the garbage truck was able to get through, pick up the trash, knowing at that time all this stuff wasn’t out like this because people took care of it much better than they do now.”

Last week we got a call from Rose Moore.

“Paved, and it should be maintained, and we should also have proper lighting for our safety,” Moore said.

She had been calling the city for more than a year to get some help.

“It looks like they did nothing, absolutely nothing,” a frustrated Moore said. “What they did, they ran the moor through and as you see they ran over trash and debris and they just left it there. They didn’t do anything else, they didn’t cut back anything, and again this is supposed to be a court way, a street where access and you clearly cannot still drive down this. This is unacceptable.”

Cleveland City Councilman Kevin Conwell came out to Hulda Court as soon as we called him last week, and he vowed to make sure the city cleaned up this street.

19 News spoke with him on Tuesday, and he said the city came out to cut the grass, but they wouldn’t do more than that. He was horrified when he saw the job the city did. He told us was going to pay to clean the street up with money out of his own pocket.

Conwell said the city usually does the budget in February, and he’s going to try and get the street paved then. Conwell says he also already put in a request for the street sign.

We wanted to know why, if Hulda Court is a city-designated street that was once passable, why would the city not do more to solve the problem? So, we called the city’s public information officer.

“We in an area or a neighborhood that it’s the last one that anything gets done,” lamented Chaney.

19 News left messages for the city’s public information officer trying to get some answers. She has not returned our calls. We will keep working to find a solution for the people who live in this neighborhood.

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