Rocky River restaurant prepares for Ohio’s COVID-19 health restrictions to expire

Health orders expire Wednesday
Health orders expire Wednesday(WOIO)
Updated: Jun. 1, 2021 at 2:16 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - A new normal starts Wednesday as restaurants are finally able to take their mask signs down.

At midnight, Ohio’s health orders expire, allowing restaurants to get back to normal.

“First, we’re bringing in more tables so we’ll have more seating,” said Rustic Restaurant owner Kurt Riegelsberger.

This will allow them to seat more than 40 extra customers at a time, eliminating the long wait their customers have been dealing with.

“Tomorrow, we get to lose the masks. Everybody who’s vaccinated is going to be able to not wear a mask to work,” said Riegelsberger.

With the health orders expiring all over the state, waitresses are hoping it will bring in more customers frequently, getting this hometown favorite back on track.

“It gets better every week it seems,” said Riegelsberger. ”So, that’ll be nice get more people, more customers happy customers.”

But as they hope for more customers, they also join their neighbors in hoping for more help.

“We need dishwashers, a waitress, cooks, a little bit of everything,” said Riegelsberger.

As they wait for someone to extend their hand, they’re just happy that normalcy is on the horizon.

But remember, it’s up to the restaurant whether or not they get rid of these health orders, so always bring your mask just in case.

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