Body wrapped in tarp and left under bridge in Ashtabula County identified as 28-year-old Cleveland woman

Updated: Jun. 4, 2021 at 8:06 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Police said a Cleveland woman was found dead miles from home. Her body was wrapped in a tarp and left under a bridge according to Ashtabula County deputies.

It was a very strange sight that led deputies to the body in a remote area more than 50 miles from the city.

Police say a Cleveland woman was found dead miles from home. Her body was wrapped in a tarp and left under a bridge...

Posted by Hannah Catlett on Friday, June 4, 2021

19 Investigates obtained a copy of a call where a dispatcher from Trumbull County had called over to Ashtabula County about the troubling situation.

“I don’t know if you’ve gotten other calls about this,” she said. “A male is naked in the field.”

Google Earth shows the field off Winsor Road where drivers reported the unclothed man acting very weird last week.

“Do we know if anything is wrong?” The Ashtabula County dispatcher asked.

The other dispatcher replied, “Besides him being butt naked the caller said he started to slow down and when he slowed down he popped up. Yeah, he said something is not right with him.”

Ashtabula Sheriff’s deputies say when they arrived on Winsor Road, the man told them there was a body under the nearby bridge.

When deputies looked, they said they found a woman wrapped in a tarp wearing only a bra.

It took the coroner’s office days to identify the woman Tiyanna Dept by her fingerprints.

We found a picture of her from the Cleveland Remembrance Page’s Instagram. The caption says she was a mother, daughter, friend, cousin, and sister.

Her family has been posting on social media for the last week, looking for answers and any information they can find on her death.

It’s unclear how or if she knew the naked man in this field, but deputies listed him on this police report as a suspect in the death. He’s not been charged, so we are not naming him. However, the report also says he’d just signed himself out of a halfway house.

Ashtabula county deputies tell us they are working to have an update on this case for us next week. We’ll keep you updated when we learn anything new.

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