North Olmsted Pharmacist saves woman’s life inside of Discount Drug Mart

Updated: Jun. 9, 2021 at 7:42 PM EDT
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NORTH OLMSTED, Ohio (WOIO) - Janet Coleman vividly remembers the day Pharmacist Matt Kirby saved her life inside of Discount Drug Mart in North Olmsted.

It was just another day in May when the unexpected happened...

She passed out while bending down to pick up her favorite bread.

Kirby was on the phone when someone told him Coleman had fainted.

He immediately put the phone down and rushed over.

“She wasn’t breathing didn’t have a pulse. I knew that, boy, here comes the CPR training,” he said.

After the CPR, Coleman gasped and came back.

Paramedics then took her to the hospital.

She regained her consciousness in the ambulance.

“If it weren’t for Matt, I wouldn’t be here. Like Kevin said, he wouldn’t be planning our dinner. He would be planning my funeral,” she added.

Since his heroic act Kirby, has gotten an overwhelmingly positive response from his coworkers and the community.

“Well that was the reward in all of it - that she ended up okay. And six days later, her and her husband came to the store and I was able to talk to them and find out that they were having their 50th wedding anniversary,” he said.

Kirby is also invited to the big bash.

Coleman told 19 News she’s been feeling a lot better and wanted to share her story to inspire others to pay it forward.

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