Caught on camera: Parma family’s window smashed twice in 1 month

Updated: Jun. 10, 2021 at 10:15 PM EDT
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PARMA, Ohio (WOIO) - For the second time in a month, someone came and smashed the windows out of a Parma family’s home.

But this time, the brazen criminal was caught on camera.

“That was just one bang, and it was just the one window that they bashed out that time,” said the father, who wanted to remain anonymous. “No evidence didn’t see anything and we didn’t have any cameras up at the time.”

On May 3, someone busted the windows out of a family’s home on Kenton Avenue in Parma.

So, they put up a ring doorbell camera and it captured a woman once again smashing out their windows a month later on June 10.

“There were multiple bangs,” he recalled. “It sounded like she tried banging out the back window of the car first, couldn’t do that and then just started banging out every other window so I was just lying there watching a movie actually it was like 2 o’clock in the morning and that’s when I started hearing the banging. Didn’t really realize what was going on until I heard the glass shatter in my kitchen and that’s when I realized I’m being targeted again.”

The father of three said he ran to get his kids and called the police.

“We have almost a two-year-old, seven and a 14-year-old,” the father said. “Yeah, and not knowing why the person is doing this or who the person even is, makes it scarier.”

The family said they can’t think of anyone who would want to do this.

“I can’t you know,” he said. “I’ve been racking my brain since the last time and we just started getting over that thinking okay it was definitely just random, you know, kids go around doing stupid stuff all the time but now this time was like okay.”

Parma police told 19 News they believe the family’s home is being targeted since they have not had any other similar incidents happen in the neighborhood. 19 News is told witnesses saw a white Toyota Camry drop the woman off at their home.

The family wanted to share these videos in the hopes that someone would recognize this woman, if you do recognize her, contact Parma police.

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