HUD Secretary, Marcia Fudge, comes home to Cleveland to make big announcement about housing help for millions of Blacks

Updated: Jun. 18, 2021 at 7:32 PM EDT

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) -“I want my kids to have stability, and it’s cheaper.

That’s Danielle Quarles, a single mother of two, a 7-year-old daughter, and a three-year-old son. She’s a nurse’s assistant at the Cleveland Clinic. She’s the author of two books of poetry. She has completed three years of Hospitality Management and about to complete her Bachelor of Business Administration degree. For her, homeownership is a dollars and sense issue.

“When you notice how much you’re paying on rent and adds up and it’s not going to you, you start to realize maybe I should get my own.”

Homeownership in the Black community is the same now as it was in 1968, the year the Fair Housing Act was passed. Danielle is looking at the stumbling blocks to homeownership as a stepping-stone.

“It has been challenging. I never knew credit was important until I wanted to purchase a home. So, that made me mature on a lot of levels.”

She’s buying this house in the Glenville Neighborhood. Her mother lives a few streets away.

“Life for the people in the community I served ain’t been no crystal stair.”

It’s against this backdrop that today Marcia Fudge, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, came home to Cleveland to promote her department’s 3-million New Black homeowners by 2030. She served this region in Congress for 13-years.

“There are those who have been stakeholders in the status quo for generation after generation. What is there in place to make sure they understand and that they don’t stand in the way of the progress that you’s like to see? It takes Harry to ask me something like that. Let me tell you what it’s going to take. Me! I’m going to be in the way Harry. We are going to be in the way. We are not going to let business as usual to stop us.”

Secretary Fudge said homeownership is the key to the middle class and generational wealth, something she said Blacks and other minorities have been denied.

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