North Olmsted dog owner pleads ‘not guilty’ to 10 charges after police say her dogs attacked 4 people in May

Published: Jun. 29, 2021 at 7:12 PM EDT
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NORTH OLMSTED, Ohio (WOIO) - Remember the dog owner who stormed out of a hearing about her animals at the begging of the month? Tuesday, she answered to her criminal charges in the case.

But, the question remains -- where are the dogs the city deemed dangerous and ordered her to surrender?

Just hours before the dogs’ owner was supposed to be in court Tuesday, she had her attorney enter a not guilty plea, meaning she didn’t have to show up for the hearing.

However, 19 Investigates ran into the victims in this case, who came to the courthouse, only to find out there’d be no proceeding.

Tom McCafferty was one of the people hoping to see Amanda Ramos face a judge on the ten charges of “dogs at large.”

“Somebody’s got to hold somebody responsible,” he said.

He’s is one of four people North Olmsted Police say the dogs attacked in May.

“Right now my hand is still swelling six weeks later,” he said.

The city’s animal warden says he didn’t have space for the dogs at the city kennel, so he left them with Ramos as her case proceeds.

However, we last saw Ramos the day she stormed out of the meeting at city hall, which was held to declare her five dogs dangerous and vicious.

She told us then that she “had no idea” where her dogs were located.

According to city council members, the city still doesn’t know, even after ordering Ramos to surrender her dogs so they can be humanely put to sleep.

When the city’s animal control officer first picked up the phone Tuesday, he told us he was not going to comment on the whereabouts of the dogs and the efforts to find them, because the story’s been “blown out of proportion.”

After speaking for a few minutes though, he eventually said he’s been driving by Ramos’s home on Clague Road and has not seen the dogs there -- but he said he is not pursuing finding the dogs in another city.

He then referred other questions to the county animal warden.

“No one is taking responsibility they just keep passing it on,” McCafferty said.

The Chief Cuyahoga County dog warden told 19 Investigates North Olmsted never asked for help in the Ramos case, and therefore the county is not involved-- nor can they get involved now, because the city already filed criminal charges against Ramos and it’s an open case.

Even more frustrating for the residents, is that Ramos’s next-door neighbor says he made a report with the county last June when he was bit by one of the same dogs.

So now, not knowing where the dogs are, the neighbors are left feeling like they’ll forever be living on edge.

“Even if they are not in North Olmsted they are still in someplace where they’re able to get out at people,” McCafferty said. “My main concern is when someone finally dies over this or they maim someone so bad that they’ll finally do something about it. It just seems like there are a lot of unanswered questions.”

Ramos’s criminal pre-trial has not been scheduled yet, but we’re told she will eventually have to come to court in the case.

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