Students in Cleveland Metropolitan Schools get a chance to catch up on studies through summer learning program

Published: Jul. 2, 2021 at 7:34 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - It’s not easy going to school during a pandemic. Millions of kids around the world know that for a fact.

“For the majority of the last academic year, we were online learning,” said Heather Kama-Starr, assistant principal, Riverside Elementary.

Students in Cleveland Metropolitan Schools are getting a chance to catch up on their studies through CMSD’s first-ever summer learning experience.

“If there is a student who really needs some extra math practices, they’re going to get it in this summer learning experience. If there is a student who needs help with writing, they’re going to get it as well,” said Kama Starr.

Heather Kama-Starr says the learning experience is invaluable because it takes students’ education to a whole new level.

On Friday, some students showed off the STEM projects they’ve been working on for a month.

“It’s all hands-on learning... you’ll see boats floating, hovercrafts they built, sound experiments,” Kama-Starr added.

Kyla Barnes who’s going to the ninth grade created a hovercraft for her project.

She says this summer program has piqued her interest in engineering.

“It has been fun, I like it,” said Barnes.

Kama-Starr added programs like the learning experience are crucial to students’ success.

“Our scholars in CMSD deserve this,” said Kama-Starr. “They deserve all of these opportunities so they can learn and do their best and end up in an amazing career that gives back to the community.”

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