Limiting access to your personal online data is goal of new landmark legislation

If passed, Ohio could set the national bar for companies trying to sell your data.
Republican lawmakers will introduce House Bill 376, to give Ohioans more access to the data...
Republican lawmakers will introduce House Bill 376, to give Ohioans more access to the data that is being collected and sold by online companies.(Source: WOIO)
Published: Jul. 13, 2021 at 3:04 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) -Ohio Lt. Governor Jon Husted announced new legislation, House Bill 376, that he claims could be a landmark set of rules protecting your data privacy.

The new legislation, titled “Ohio Personal Privacy Act,” would be among the nation’s toughest laws aimed at companies selling your data.

“A person’s individual data is more exposed now more than ever,” Husted said in a news conference Tuesday.

Only California and Virginia have privacy laws enacted but Husted said both fall short of what should be a national standard.

The bill looks to target any company that profits from the sale of data collected about a person’s purchasing or online habits.

There are guidelines for which companies would have to follow the new set of rules, which include any company with an annual revenue of more than $25 million, and controls or processes the data of 100,000 or more consumers.

Reporters brought up Facebook specifically, but advisors on the bill said Facebook generally doesn’t sell its data to third parties because it realizes the value of the data.

But did say other social media companies are profiting without notifying users.

In the legislation there are protections for consumers, and laws businesses would need to follow.

Ohio Personal Data Rights:

  • Anyone could request access to their data being collected
  • Allow people to correct any incorrect personal data
  • The right to request personal data be deleted
  • The right to opt out of your data being sold
  • The right to file complaints with the Ohio Attorney General’s office

Business Obligations:

  • Privacy notices telling consumers their data is being collected
  • Tell the consumer where and to whom their data is being sold
  • Easy way for the consumer to opt out
  • Explaining types of data that can be legally collected without consent

One of the bill’s co-sponsors, Representatives Rick Carfagna (R-Genoa Township) gave a couple of examples during the news conference.

“I shop at the grocery store, they build a profile on me and I get customized coupons for things I enjoy. But my daughter is 15 now, she’s not five anymore, I don’t need diapers anymore. It might be worth it to go in and clear out personal data from time to time,” Carfagna said. ”Or I’m shopping at a major retailer and I’m a little wary about these security breaches that tend to happen from time to time. I might want to exercise some caution and say look on an annual basis I want you to clear out my data.”

The new legislation will work its way through the process in the fall when legislators return from summer recess.

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