Canton Police: mother threw toddler out second-story window (bodycam)

Published: Jul. 15, 2021 at 8:27 PM EDT
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CANTON, Ohio (WOIO) - Heartbreaking moments were captured on camera after police said a mother threw her toddler out of a second-story window.

As 37-year-old Candace Johnson prepares to face a judge in the case Friday, 19 Investigates obtained new video of the officer who rushed over to help her child.

In the footage, it appears Canton Police arrived on Linwood Avenue on May 28, just in time to witness the unthinkable.

“She threw a kid out the window! Start a squad,” one officer says.

Body camera footage shows the officer run over to the 2-year-old and pick him up.

“I think he’s okay,” the officer tells others on scene as the boy cries in his arms.

As the officer consoles him, you can see officers on the second floor of the home with the mother they say was trying to throw her 5-year-old out the same window.

The officer radios back to dispatch and says, “We’ve made entry also, just so you know. I think they’ve got [Johnson] secured.”

Johnson’s now charged with child endangering and felonious assault on both kids.

This, after 19 Investigates discovered Johnson had completed multiple anger management classes following previous harassment and domestic violence charges she faced in 2017.

Officers tell us Johnson’s two-year-old did have internal injuries, but the night of the crime, they expected him to be okay.

19 Investigates reached out to Stark County Child and Family Services to see whether the family was known to their office, however, officials told us those records are completely confidential.

Johnson is due in Stark County Court Friday morning. We’ll update you on what happens.

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