Rocky River Police find 4 stolen cars from Cleveland suburbs

Published: Jul. 22, 2021 at 11:00 PM EDT
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ROCKY RIVER, Ohio (WOIO) - Lock your cars! It’s a message police have told their communities time and time again, but since there are still people whose cars are being stolen in “crimes of opportunity,” it needs to be repeated.

As Rocky River Police found a car stolen from their city, three more stolen cars from Cleveland suburbs were found and taken away on Wednesday.

Rocky River Police said officers were sent to a report of a stolen car on July 21 where the car was taken with the keys.

Officers on scene learned that another car three houses down had been entered while unlocked, but nothing was taken from it despite valuable items being in plain sight, police said.

Police said officers and detectives quickly gathered pertinent information and found the car in Cleveland just hours later.

While recovering that stolen car, the other three were located and removed, according to police.

Rocky River Police shared the two takeaways from these incidents:

- The items inside of the unlocked vehicle entered were not taken, it appears the criminals were specifically intending to steal vehicles.

- There was no forced entry on either vehicle, and it appears these were crimes of opportunity.

We politely ask you to do us two favors; lock your homes and vehicles, and if you see something say something. You know the neighborhood you live in, you know the normal people and vehicles. If you see something out of place call us, we will come and check it out! Don’t worry about bugging us, we want to be bugged! That’s why you pay high taxes.

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