Arrest warrant issued for North Olmsted dog owner accused in several vicious attacks

Published: Jul. 29, 2021 at 10:21 PM EDT
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NORTH OLMSTED, Ohio (WOIO) - As 19 News continues to investigate the whereabouts of several dogs involved in vicious attacks this May, there is now a new question. Where is their owner?

Amanda Ramos Martinez didn’t show up in court to face the criminal charges stemming from the attacks police say her dogs committed.

19 Investigates was there Thursday morning as a judge issued a warrant for her arrest.

Ramos faces 10 misdemeanor charges of dogs at large that stem from two different dog attacks earlier this summer.

Police say Ramos’s animals bit four people including a police officer in less than two weeks.

Tom McCafferty was one of them.

“Number one question people always ask me is, ‘how did she get the dogs back?’” he said.

North Olmsted Councilman Pat Kelly and McCafferty were both at city hall last month when Ramos stormed out of a meeting about her dogs that she was allowed to keep even after both attacks.

“The dogs should have been taken into custody the day of the bite,” Kelly said.

The warrant issued this Thursday comes more than a month after this and after the city ordered her to surrender the dogs so they could be humanely put down. Yet, they are still not in custody.

“They are a danger wherever they are at and that’s a sad thing,” Kelly said.

While Kelly recommends the city change its ordinance related to dog attacks to better handle future cases, he says the mess this one made still has to be cleaned up.

“This was totally mishandled, and we’re going to have to try to make this better,” Kelly said.

What happened here Thursday is part of the criminal case against Ramos.

Prosecutors didn’t want to go on camera, but told 19 Investigates the city is working on filing a civil case, which is the key to getting the dogs in custody at this point.

This week, 19 Investigates got our hands on records that show the county health department has seen Ramos’s dogs since the surrender order was issued by the city and knows where at least one of the dogs is currently staying in Cleveland.

However, in a statement a spokesperson told us the health department is “strictly involved for disease prevention purposes” and they “do not enforce requirements established by municipalities.”

“If the dogs had been taken into custody we wouldn’t have this issue going on,” Kelly said.

Kelly says the animal warden should have called the county the day of the first attack to make that happen.

Since he didn’t though, and the city is still handling the case, officials don’t have the ability to take custody of the dogs unless they find them in North Olmsted.

Officers can’t leave the jurisdiction to go after them.

City prosecutors says if a judge rules in their favor in the civil suit, it would allow the county sheriff to go take the dogs.

“My patron saint is doubting Thomas,” Tom McCafferty said. “So, when I see it happen, I’ll believe them.

Prosecutors tell us the civil suit they’re planning will be against Ramos, her sister and her mother who owns the home they were living in.

We’ll keep you updated as soon as we get any word on the arrest of Ramos.

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