Kent State recommends masks be worn indoors regardless of vaccination status

Published: Jul. 29, 2021 at 8:18 PM EDT
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KENT, Ohio (WOIO) - Kent State University announced Wednesday it will strongly recommend students to wear masks indoors as the Delta variant continues its spread.

“I’m just glad that they’re being safe about everything,” Drew Russell, a student, said.

The announcement will follow the CDC’s guidelines, which ask for face coverings indoors for all individuals. Kent State’s Manfred Van Dulmen said he’s looking to keep students safe as they are welcomed back to campus.

“Students will come from all over the world to Kent State in the coming weeks, we felt like we needed to shift our guidelines,” he said.

Russell agrees with the decision, especially tying his concerns to the Delta variant and its surge in Ohio. “We don’t know how the new strain is going to affect us,” he said.

As the updated mask guidelines are not required, Van Dulmen hopes students will follow suit: “Ultimately this is a personal choice”

Henry Beech believes students will make that choice, especially if student staff and faculty set an example.

“If they’re going to be wearing masks and enforcing that, surely the people underneath them will do, as well,” he said.

As the start of the new semester approaches, Colin Fullum will be ready by preparing now. “If people are worried about the virus then they’ll wear a mask,” he explained. “Not a concern, they’re not going to wear a mask.”

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