Cleveland resident express frustration over broken water valve that the city refuses to fix

Published: Aug. 24, 2021 at 10:10 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) -Maurice Catney is fed up and speaking out.

Catney says water has been spewing out from a water valve on the curb in front of his house past two months.

Nothing has been done about it.

“It done made it all the way down the street... I can’t even cut the grass right here,” said Catney.

Catney has been renting this home on E 106th street in Cleveland for six months.

He says he’s not sure what’s causing the water to come out, but he knows he and his kids can’t enjoy their front yard because of it.

“A lot of bugs are attracted and a lot of birds, pigeons coming over,” said Catney.

Catney says his landlord did contact the city about this issue, but they told her it was up to her to fix it.

She says she’s not sure what to do about it since the water is coming from the curb, which is technically city property.

19 News also reached out to the city of Cleveland to try and clear up this confusion about this water issue.

A spokeswoman from the city told us she would check into the issue and get back to us.

Meanwhile, Catney says he’s thinking about moving out of the city because he feels his complaints aren’t being taken seriously.

“When we are flagging down city vans, and they are just riding past us and don’t give us no help when it comes to these problems,” said Catney. “They act like the problem is our or our landlords, and that’s not right.”

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