Edison High School football team honors navy medic who died in Afghanistan attacks

Published: Aug. 27, 2021 at 10:57 PM EDT
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BELLEVUE, Ohio (WOIO) - Berlin Heights native and U.S. Navy medic Max Soviak died in the Afghanistan attacks on Thursday.

On Friday night his alma matter, Edison High School was playing an away game at Bellevue high school. The rival school paid tribute to the American hero with a moment of silence and by flying the flag at half-staff.

“As a football player he was full tilt 100 miles an hour, fearless which leads you to understand you know where he was and what maybe happened,” said Jim Hall, head football coach at Edison.

Those who knew 22-year-old Max Soviak describe him as fearless, passionate, and caring. It’s not a surprise given the way the Navy medic died. He made the ultimate sacrifice Thursday while working at the airport in Afghanistan. He was trying to help Afghans evacuate who were fleeing from the Taliban when a suicide bomber took his life.

“It didn’t seem real,” said Hall. “It still really doesn’t you know great kid, loved life. He was bright, bright kid, and it doesn’t seem right, it doesn’t seem fair you know I just hope the best for his family.”

Jim Hall coached Soviak when he played football at Edison high school. Soviak wore #2.

“Obviously first class you know by Bellevue to recognize that,” said Hall. “I’ve really been impressed today I’ve had several coaches that I know call me, reach out to me, and send their condolences so I’ve been so appreciative of that, and the community will come together. It’s gonna be hard, it’s gonna take time but you know we’re all praying for them right now.”

Soviak grew up in Berlin Heights. He graduated from Edison high school in 2017, and he joined the Navy right away.

“When you’re in education every student in the whole area or the whole state is somebody that you mourn for if there’s a tragedy like yesterday,” said Kim Schubert, Superintendent for Bellevue City Schools.

Soviak was serving as a Navy medic, embedded with the Marines when he was killed.

“He just loved life,” said Edison high school superintendent Thomas Roth. “He was out there and enjoyed things and he was helpful for others as I think we all can see from what happened yesterday you know he was always there to help other people. He wanted to be of service and that’s what he did.

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