Teen who saved boy from drowning in Lake Erie receives Coast Guard’s Life Saving medal

Published: Aug. 31, 2021 at 7:16 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Although he doesn’t think so, 16-year-old Shane Morrison is, in fact, a hero.

In June of 2020, Morrison put his life on the line to save 14-year-old Donovan Conwell from drowning in Lake Erie.

“When I first got out to him, he was kind of struggling; he was going in and out of consciousness, so he would go under for like five seconds and then come up for like three.”

Morrison and Conwell were out here at Headlands Beach in Mentor.

Conwell says he decided to take a quick swim which he’s done plenty of times.

He says at that time thought the current was too strong, and he was struggling to stay afloat.

“Thank God and Shane and his family ‘cause I know I wouldn’t be here today without him,” said Conwell.

Morrison was able to keep Conwell above water until the Coast Gaurd came and rescued both of the teens.

On Tuesday, the Coast Gaurd recognized Morrison’s heroic actions by giving him the Silver Lifesaving Medal.

An honor, Conwell says Morrison definitely deserves.

“For him not to even know me at all and just for him to put his life on the line as well, it’s just remarkable to me. I will always be grateful to Shane,” said Conwell.

As for Morrison, he says he didn’t jump in the water to be a hero; he just saw someone in need and sprung into action.

“It was definitely a good thing to see him out of the water and safe,” said Morrison.

Both boys say they will be friends for life after all of this.

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