Arson charges connected to 2019 murder filed three days before shooting death of Cleveland Mayor’s grandson

Published: Sep. 21, 2021 at 8:07 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - More than two years ago, Cuyahoga County prosecutors named Frank Q. Jackson, grandson of Cleveland’s mayor, the prime suspect in the killing of Antonio Parra in Cleveland’s Steelyard neighborhood in 2019.

Now Frank Q. Jackson has himself been fatally shot and 19 Investigates has learned that just days before his death Sunday a suspect was charged in connection with Parra’s slaying.

James Greathouse, 29, of Cleveland, was charged Thursday with arson in the Cleveland Municipal Court, court records show.

The car he’s charged with torching belonged to Jackson, according to police.

And, they say, that car was seen fleeing the scene of Parra’s murder.

19 Investigates discovered that arson charges were filed in connection to a 2019 murder case just days before the Mayor’s grandson was shot and killed on Sunday. It’s the first movement we’ve seen in Antonio Parra’s 2019 murder case since county Prosecutors called Frank Q Jackson a ‘prime suspect’ in it more than two years ago.

Posted by Hannah Catlett on Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Police say Greathouse set Jackson’s car on fire on Holton Avenue just days after Parra’s killing.

Officers say Greathouse’s DNA was on a bucket hat that investigators found near the torched Volkswagen Passat.

Sources told 19 News in 2019 that Jackson told police he sold the Volkswagen months before Parra’s murder.

However, court records show Jackson had gotten a ticket while driving it 18 days before the deadly shooting.

It’s unclear whether Greathouse was at the scene of Parra’s shooting.

But to this day, no one’s been held accountable for the actual murder.

Though county prosecutors named Jackson a prime suspect, he was never charged.

Police released another “person of interest” without charges shortly after his arrest in 2019.

Greathouse only faces the arson charges right now.

According to court records, he’s been in serious trouble before.

Along with convictions in felony assault and drug trafficking cases, Greathouse pleaded guilty to intimidating a crime victim or witness in 2011.

It doesn’t appear Greathouse is in jail yet.

A warrant for his arrest was only recently issued.

To be clear, officers have not connected Greathouse to Jackson’s recent death in any way, nor have they confirmed whether the two knew each other.

On Monday, sources told 19 News that police were investigating a possible connection between Jackson’s death and the shooting of a 12-year-old just beforehand on Sunday night.

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