Cameras will be used on stretch of I-271 to catch speeding drivers, Mayfield Village police say

Published: Sep. 23, 2021 at 12:29 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Mayfield Village police said officers will soon begin using a hand-operated laser camera to catch drivers speeding along a portion of I-271.

According to the resolution discussed during a Sept. 20 Mayfield Village council meeting, the Ohio Department of Transportation recorded a 102% increase in drivers traveling above 85 miles per hour over the past year in the 60 miles per hour zone.

“Last Friday during the morning rush hour between 7 and 8 A.M., I had 9 cars doing a hundred plus,” said Mayfield Village Police Chief Paul Matias, “Anybody who drives the freeway right now they know what’s going on up there now.”

The cameras will not be situated in a fixed position, they will be run by officers, as if were using radar guns, but instead of the officers having to pull out and chase speeders down, a ticket will be sent to the owner of the car.

“We’re just trying to use the technology to make our traffic stops safer, we’re still going to hopefully achieve the same goal and end result,” Matias said.

The criticism of these laser cameras has always been that they are used as a simple cash grab, but Matias, in this case, disputes that contention, as the plan in place he said calls for use of the laser camera only during the morning and evening rush.

“If it was a cash grab we’d be a lot more aggressive,” Matias said, “We’re not doing it on weekends, we’re not doing it on holidays and were not doing it at night, all of this is a supplement to our normal enforcement.”

Violators of the “officer-operated traffic photo enforcement program” could face a ticket and fine of up to $300.

Miles per hour over speed limitAmount of penalty
1-19 miles per hour$150
20-29 miles per hour$200
30 or more miles per hour$300

Mayfield Village police will undergo training from the Delaware-based camera business to ensure officers know how to properly use the speed enforcement equipment.

Enforcement will begin in at least 30 days near the Wilson Mills Road interchange in Mayfield Village, the police chief told 19 News.

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