2 Browns fans make their case as biggest fans... by the case?

High school friend puts “Fists of Fury” on cans of his Muni Lot beer
Published: Oct. 1, 2021 at 6:35 AM EDT
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ELYRIA, Ohio (WOIO) - When IT worker turned brewer Carlos Lopez wanted to take the fun of the Muni Lot and put it in a can, he turned to two high school friends known in the Dawg Pound as Fists of Fury and put them on the can.

“We are two lifelong, die-hard Browns fans,” said Jeremy Leyva, one half of Fist of Fury, known for their large orange superhero fists they wear in the Dawg Pound.

“We are two regular guys. So, it’s not some celebrities on there. We’re two guys who’ve been going to Browns games for twenty-plus years,” he said

“We are the Dawg Pound,” said Dominic Cruz, the other half of the duo from Southview High School in Lorain. “This gets no better than Cleveland fans. This is what it is.”

Carlos Lopez opened Unplugged Brewing Company in December and now Muni Lot beer is in 140 stores in the area, including Dave’s and Lucky’s and it’s selling faster that a two minute drill.

“I have such a big passion for the Browns,” said Lopez. “I love football. Big football fan, always have been, And every time we go to the Browns to tailgate: Muni Lot! That where we went and that’s where we partied and I was like we should do a beer and call it Muni Lot.”

“It was easy for me when I came up with the logo and I was like do you guys mind if I put you on a beer and they were all stoked, ‘yeah, yeah, yeah, put us on the can!” he continued. “And they’re the perfect fit of what it means to be a Dawg Pound fan, Muni Lot crowd.”

“What does it mean to be on that beer can? It means a ton to me,” said Leyva. “I’ll be honest. It means a ton to me because we’re helping a friend out.”

“Honestly, it’s priceless, said Cruz. “You can’t beat it. It’s a good friend of ours. Friends and family love it. It’s a really great beer.”

The only thing that would taste better to the three friends -- a Browns Super Bowl.

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