The Columbus Day Parade in Cleveland’s Little Italy brought out the crowds, strong opinions

Published: Oct. 11, 2021 at 7:18 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Monday’s Columbus Day Parade in Little Italy brought out crowds and also strong opinions.

“All cultures need be recognized, and Christopher Columbus did some horrible things,” said Renee Miano. “That all I have to say about it.”

But others say that the holiday is more than a celebration of Columbus’ actions.

The day is a celebration of being Italian, said John DiPietro, of the group “Italian Sons & Daughters of America.”

“I think it’s ridiculous... this has been going on,” he said. ‘Everybody loves Italian, everybody loves the food and everybody loves the culture.”

But Miano argues that it’s much deeper than that.

She and her husband, who she says is Italian, both think the parade is a bad look for Cleveland.

“We both think it should be taken down. We don’t want it anymore,” said Miano. “We think the Indians are gone and next Christopher Columbus day needs to go away because it’s racist.”

DiPietro said he was in Pittsburgh for a similar event and knew he would see people who didn’t agree with him.

“There was one corner where we had some protesters and they had so many signs... I don’t know what they were protesting,” he said. “They had signs about everything, so it’s just ridiculous.”

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