Shoppers concerned over stock limits at grocery stores

Published: Oct. 21, 2021 at 7:58 PM EDT
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MAYFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio (WOIO) - Tahra Williams spent her afternoon shopping at a Fresh Thyme Farmer’s Market Wednesday; some items on her list have been tough to find.

“Lunchables, juicy juice and things of that nature—kids stuff,” she said.

Empty and low-stock shelves are plaguing many supermarkets across Northeast Ohio, as 19 News interviewed shoppers to gauge their concerns.

Williams explained that stock changes have forced her to alter her shopping habits.

“I’m noticing now that I have to shop more often than I do,” she said, “I try and buy in bulk as much as I can.”

19 News reached out to several major grocery chains—Giant Eagle, Fresh Thyme, Dave’s Supermarket, and Marc’s—to provide insight on the causes and solutions to the shortages. As of yet, no one has been available to share any information.

For another shopper, who chose to remain anonymous, the lack of insight means she has been more cautious as she visits the store.

“We never know, we might come in here and the shelves are going to be empty,” she said.

Williams says, as opposed to other shortages last year, this one may be different: “Honestly, I think it may be getting worse, a lot of stuff has become more shortage [unavailable] thank it was during the pandemic.”

She does have a solution, though, to help everyone get through this latest supply shortage.

“If everybody can just get on board and do what they need to do, then we can comfortably take this off (points at her facemask) and go back to the normal stage before 2020,” she said.

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