Downtown Cleveland residents left wary after violent Halloween night sends NFL player to hospital

Published: Nov. 1, 2021 at 9:38 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Halloween fright became too real after violence erupted in Downtown Cleveland Sunday night, sending an NFL player to the hospital and a storefront boarded up.

“It is frightening,” said Mary Schrader, after she the window of the Dunkin’ Donuts at the corner of E. 9th Street and Rockwell Avenue while stopping to get coffee Monday. “It’s alarming.”

Part of the storefront is currently boarded up after the restaurant in the Civic Center district was hit with bullets Halloween night.

Cleveland police said officers initially responded Sunday around 9 p.m. to shots fired at Rockwell near East 12th Street.

The violent scene made National news when the Baltimore Ravens released a statement Monday saying the team’s linebacker Malik Harrison was shot in the leg while in Downtown Cleveland on Halloween.

According to Cleveland police, Harrison was in a club when a fight broke out inside, prompting security to force everyone out.

Witnesses reported to Cleveland detectives that someone was seen running with a firearm. That’s when several gunshots were fired, according to the police report.

Harrison is expected to be okay.

“I feel bad for the situation, happy that he’s okay,” said Ravens’ Head Coach Jim Harbaugh on Monday during a press conference.

“Of course people get a little rowdy and I’m sure that there are things that happened during events, but you really don’t know too much about it because it’s not left in the windows with bullet holes,” Schrader told 19 News.

The boarded up storefront of the downtown Dunkin’ Donuts is a visual many 19 News spoke with Monday say evokes flashbacks of last year’s downtown riots, which forced many businesses to close temporarily, some forced to close for good.

In May of 2020, demonstrators clashed with police on the steps of the Justice Center.

Bottles and other objects were hurled at officers, who returned fire with tear gas, flash bangs, and rubber projectiles.

Windows were broken out, police cars were set on fire, and businesses were ransacked.

This violence seen in downtown on Halloween, though, is certainly not typical and has therefore left residents, like Schrader, fearful.

Residents had a similar reaction when a man was shot while in his car in the Warehouse District back in June.

Cleveland police continue to investigate the Halloween violence downtown, but said four males were arrested in connection to the shooting. Police have not yet identified the individuals.

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