North Ridgeville residents still sick of trucks speeding through street

Published: Nov. 5, 2021 at 7:11 PM EDT
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NORTH RIDGEVILLE, Ohio (WOIO) - Residents on Sugar Ridge Road are still concerned over trucks that speed through their residential street, a full year later after previously contacting 19 News.

“It’s frustrating watching these trucks go through our neighborhood every day,” a resident who chose to remain anonymous said. He was joined by four other men participating in an interview Friday with 19 News.

The neighbors called the 19 Troubleshooter Tipline last year, hoping to spark a change or improvement to their own safety.

One year later, the road that runs through the Southeast corner of the city has seen little change.

The signs that warn against large trucks remain the same, as well as the road damage from heavy transport.

Now, those who live along the street worry someone may get hurt. “I saw a neighbor almost get hit by one of these trucks one time in her car,” the anonymous neighbor said.

“My mailbox has been taken out already,” Rick Pylewski, another of the men present for the interview, explained.

19 News reached out to the North Ridgeville Police Department, hoping to hear of any plans to curb trucking habits.

Police Chief Michael Freeman said he and his team are doing everything they can.

“They’re not the only street that’s having difficulties with truck traffic,” he explained. “We can’t be on a certain road 24/7 because that just takes away from someplace else.”

Meanwhile, those on Sugar Ridge are even willing to take action in their own ways: “We’ve talked about as a community bringing all the neighbors together and putting a small sign in our yards that says ‘no truck route,’” Mike Babet, a third participant in the interview, explained.

The Police Department disagrees. “They think they have the right to stop trucks, follow trucks, harass trucks down there,” Chief Freeman said. “That’s not their job and they’ve been told that.”

Residents say they’ve been patient, and hope the unruly drivers develop different habits before a friend, neighbor or loved one is harmed.

“Someone pulling out of their driveway doesn’t stand a chance if a truck runs into them,” the anonymous resident said.

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