Concerned Clevelander hopes new city leadership can curb reckless ATV drivers

Published: Nov. 18, 2021 at 8:31 PM EST
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - One staff member at Providence Baptist Church on Kinsman Road is tired of ATV riders plowing through city streets, and wants city officials to take action.

“I would hope it ends soon,” Charlie Demore Jr., who called the 19 Troubleshooter tip line, said.

He hopes something can be done before someone gets hurt.

Charlie Demore Jr., who’s been working at the church in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood for decades, remembers when dirt bike riders started to crop up a few years ago.

“I thought that was going to be a fad, like most stuff, and it would go away,” he said.

Charlie Demore Jr. explains his concern with ATV riders driving recklessly through city streets
Charlie Demore Jr. explains his concern with ATV riders driving recklessly through city streets(WOIO)

But now, they can be found everywhere, sometimes carelessly driving through residential streets.

“They don’t care what street they do it on, they just like to ride and have fun,” Demore said.

As of late, Demore hasn’t seen that many instances of ATV drivers going through, but he’s more focused on preventing accidents before they happen.

“What if someone came from a side street or something,” he explained, “or run a red light or stop sign?”

Over the years, Demore has grown disappointed with Cleveland mayor Frank Jackson’s lack of response to the drivers and hopes mayor-elect Justin Bibb’s administration can be more proactive.

“I hope they have a solution for that, so that nobody get hurt, and no one gets killed again,” Demore said.

The staff member also has his own suggestions—namely, to encourage riders to have fun outside the city:

“Put them somewhere on a dirt road in the country somewhere where they can show their skills and all that kind of stuff.”

19 News reached out to both Mayor Frank Jackson’s office and Justin Bibb’s team to ask if they have any plans to address the reckless drivers.

Neither group has responded, but 19 News will continue to request updates.

The winter months are rolling in, and Demore won’t expect to see many riders, but still knows there’s plenty of work to be done.

“So far they’ve been really good, but it just takes that one time,” he said.

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