Elderly Brooklyn Heights couple’s home burglarized by crooks posing as water company employees

Published: Nov. 24, 2021 at 10:58 PM EST
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BROOKLYN HEIGHTS, Ohio (WOIO) - A Brooklyn Heights elderly couple is feeling violated after a man posing as an employee from the water company robbed them blind.

Jennifer Seaman told 19 News her father was standing by the front door looking outside when a white pickup truck pulled up and parked in his driveway.

Then, a man came up to the door, opened it, and walked right inside her parents’ home without saying a word.

“My dad’s not gonna chase him down, he’s on oxygen,” explained Seaman. “My mom has a cane I mean the opportunity was there for them and they definitely took advantage of it.”

The elderly man thought maybe the man was a nurse there for a home healthcare visit, so he followed him into the home.

“He makes a left hand into the kitchen and my dad said, ‘Wait a minute, what are you doing?’ and he goes, ‘Oh I’m with the water department and there’s someone working on the water line and your neighbors are complaining that the water pressure is low.’”

Seaman says then the man started turning on the water in the kitchen sink.

“At the point my mom was in the kitchen also, so he has them basically cornered in the kitchen,” Seaman said. “He’s talking really loud, he’s very boisterous, he pulls my mom into the powder room which is right off the kitchen turns the faucet there, has my mom flushing the toilet. I mean he is creating this grand diversion.”

While all this was happening, two women snuck into the house to ransack the couple’s bedrooms.

“They went and took the pillowcase right off my mom’s bed and they just started throwing things in the pillowcase,” said Seaman. “So yes, there were some heirloom pieces of jewelry that my mom had from my grandparents and that had been passed down, my mom’s wedding ring was gone, my dad’s wedding ring was gone, my grandfather’s wedding ring.”

During the conversation in the kitchen, the couple’s son showed up and demanded the man show him some ID.

“He was really calculated and really cool, and he was like oh you know it’s in the truck I’ll get it,” Seaman explained.

When they got to the door the white pickup truck was no longer in the driveway, but in the street. The man hopped in, and the trio took off.

“I was off the wall mad. I wanted to get ahold of these people, how dare you and the biggest word is violated.”

Brooklyn Heights police said they have three persons of interest, but they are still searching for the car. It’s a 2007 white Toyota Tundra with temporary Texas tags.

The license plate is 32882R1.

“We were able through surveillance cameras in the area to confirm the license plate and the vehicle,” explained Sargent Chris Leahy. “So, an alert was sent out to all the neighboring agencies for assistance and with the help of west lake police department that vehicle was spotted and fled from the red roof in.”

Brooklyn Heights detectives got search warrants for the hotel rooms and found a piece of the couple’s jewelry.

“We’re angry because they really could’ve done something to my parents, but I hope you got what you wanted,” Seaman said to the crooks. “Our faith and our family, our strength as a community is going to outweigh any gold that you took.”

Brooklyn Heights police want to stress the importance of being aware of your surroundings.

They said no matter who comes to your door, no matter what company they say they work for, make sure that they show you proper ID before you let them inside your home.

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