Ohioans catch COVID after receiving vaccines

Published: Dec. 17, 2021 at 7:01 PM EST
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - David Ruble has been fully vaccinated since March. Last Thursday he received his booster shot, but on Wednesday, he tested positive for Covid.

“That meant that there were three days that I could have possibly been exposing others,” said Ruble.

Ruble is currently at home under quarantine, and he hopes he tests negative before Christmas and is able to spend it with his kids.

“I was surprised it felt like allergies,” explained Ruble. “Got the sniffles, a little bit of a cough.”

Fortunately, Ruble’s symptoms are mild -- others aren’t so lucky, like David Gelhar.

He became fully vaccinated back in April and just a few weeks ago got Covid.

“I was like why me,” said Gelhar. “We tried to do everything we can, we got vaccinated, we did the social distancing thing, wearing a mask.”

Gelhar and his older daughter both spent Thanksgiving battling the virus.

Gelhar got hit the hardest.

“I had a fever for the whole time, I had body aches, I had chest pains and coughing,” he said. “On the 27th I did got to the ER. I didn’t have pneumonia but it felt like I had a brick on my chest.”

Luckily Gelhar pulled through and spent this morning getting back on his mountain bike for the first time in weeks.

When we asked Ruble and Gelhar if getting Covid made them think getting the vaccine was useless.

They told us without the vaccine they don’t believe they would be alive and talking to us today.

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