Cleveland residents concerned with lack of plowing on residential streets

Published: Jan. 19, 2022 at 7:54 PM EST
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Mike Sawczak lives on West 52nd street near Memphis Avenue in Cleveland.

He hasn’t left his Old Brooklyn home since the big snow storm on Sunday. When you look at his street, you understand why.

“I haven’t heard any plows come by, it looks like someone may have gotten along the curbside but that’s about it,” said Sawczak.

Sawczak says he understands this storm wasn’t easy to deal with but thinks the city of Cleveland should’ve been a little more prepared for it.

“We got a new administration, I think he should get it together, I mean it’s not like it’s never snowed before,” said said Sawczak.

Barbara Sorma who lives a few blocks away agrees with him. Her street is clear now but says the new mayor should have communicated more with residents during the storm.

“I understand there’s all kind of issues with the staff but just tell us, be with us, support us somehow,” said Sorma.

On the other hand, Kevin Hubbard who was helping clear neighbor’s driveways thinks the city did the best it could.

“You couldn’t really prepare for it... cause the way it came down. I mean if they had a chance to get ahead of it,” said Hubbard.

Meanwhile, Mine Sawczak just wants his street plowed.

“It usually doesn’t get quite this bad... they seem to get us a lot quicker usually within a day or so,” Sawczak added.

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