Hudson mayor who suggests ice fishing leads to prostitution holds ‘ceremonial’ role for city

Mayor Greg Shubert’s comments, during a council meeting, connecting ice fishing to prostitution went viral.
Published: Feb. 10, 2022 at 8:14 PM EST
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HUDSON, Ohio (WOIO) - Hudson Mayor Greg Shubert’s comments linking ice fishing to prostitution during a city council meeting went viral and drew laughs from some and criticism from others and left some wondering how exactly he was running the day-to-day operations of the city of Hudson.

Shubert was in a meeting with city council, discussing the possibility of allowing ice fishing at Hudson Springs Park.

“And if you then allow ice fishing, with shanties, then that leads to another problem, prostitution, and now you have the police chief and the police department involved,” Shubert said.

There was a stunned silence, some in the room laughed nervously, and one council member put his hand on the mayor’s back in an effort, seemingly to break the tension in the room.

[ Hudson mayor suggests that ice fishing could lead to prostitution ]

19 News reached out to Hudson officials to have the mayor clarify his statement.

“We will not be doing interviews on this subject. The mayor is a part-time ceremonial mayor with no vote or power to enact legislation. That power falls on city council and based on Tuesday’s meeting. I did not hear any council members speak up in support of the mayor’s comments, so I do not believe this will go anywhere,” a spokesperson replied.

Councilmembers that were reached by 19 News also declined to be interviewed.

In September of last year, the mayor lashed out at the Hudson School Board for what he claimed was essentially child pornography in a book being used in a creative writing class in the district.

Shubert demanded the school board resign, they refused, and all three members up for re-election in November won their seats.

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