Cleveland native Super Agent Rich Paul creates Black History as he forges own path

Published: Feb. 18, 2022 at 8:11 PM EST
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) -Rich Paul is the definition of Black history in the making.

He is a father, creative, philanthropist, businessman, and super agent raised in the Glenville neighborhood in Cleveland.

“It’s important to me when I ride through the city to really take it all in,” said Paul. ”Getting off I-90 turning right on Eddie, taking me into the neighborhood I grew up in. That ride is so important to me, it reminds me of the journey.”

What a journey it’s been from walking the halls of Benedictine High School to now being solidified in its history as a part of the alumni hall of fame.

The 19 News Team sat down with Paul after he took his walk down memory lane.

”How does it feel being back in the gym today, looking around,” asked 19 News Reporter Aria Janel.

“It brings back a lot of memories,” said Paul. “Just the process that I went through, helping me become the man I am today, a lot of it happened here. Within these hallways, and classrooms.”

Paul always had a love for basketball.

Not only was he on his high school team, but he was also a part of the team that brought home a state championship back in 1998.

Now, his love for the game continues.

He’s arguably the best sports agent in the NBA while representing players like LeBron James, Ben Simmons, John Wall, as well as Cleveland Cavalier and All-Star Darius Garland.

“If you’re a client of mine, and you know, your expectation is, of a certain level, then I have to deliver that,” said Paul.

Paul handles contracts of up to $40 million as the CEO and Founder of Klutch Sports Group.

Paul is defying odds, and sitting at tables with some of the most powerful people in the NBA, negotiating in rooms some would say he didn’t belong in.

“If you take this kid that grew up in a Glendale Community on St. Clair, who, live with their grandparents, and, you take that everyday life, and then equate it to where I’m at today. If you just based upon statistics, or what someone perceived to be your future, I wouldn’t be sitting here talking to you,” explained Paul. “That’s why I don’t believe that someone else’s opinion actually matters in the big scheme of things.”

Paul told 19 News he wants to make his community proud.

He was just appointed a board member of the United Talent Agency.

Making him the first African American to hold that position.

“When you have the ability to be something different, and to be a different example for those no matter what, what race they are, what gender they are, and you don’t embrace that, then that, to me is a failure,” said Paul.

Paul’s now documenting everything in a book titled Lucky Me, it’s coming to stores soon.

He’s hoping through his story he’ll be able to encourage others to dream big and not let their current circumstances hold them captive.

“For the young kids to see an example of someone who they saw in the same environment, who had the same hardships that they probably have today, but also be able to evolve and become someone that they can now aspire to be. I think that’s important, “said Paul. “I think that’s much more important than anything financial.”

Through his passion and hard work, Rich Paul shows us all that with good intent and a little hope anything is possible.

“You may not be able to be someone flying through the air catching a touchdown on Super Bowl Sunday, but you can definitely be me, you could definitely be better than what you perceive me to be,” said Paul.

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