MedWish International donates nearly 3 tons of medical supplies to Ukrainian refugees

The organization still needs volunteers and supplies as the need overseas continues
Published: Mar. 2, 2022 at 6:42 PM EST
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - MedWish International is helping the nearly 900,000 Ukrainians who have flocked to Poland and other surrounding countries to escape the ongoing war.

The organization has already donated more than 5,500 pounds of medical supplies overseas.

“MedWish will work on this effort until the need is no longer present,” Allison Busser, the director of development for MedWish, said.

Refugees need everything from diabetic kits to nursing pads to crutches as they fight for their lives and flee their homeland.

Busser said they need more medical supplies as the need continues overseas.

“We’re looking for specialty medical supplies, personal protective equipment, hygiene equipment,” Busser said.

Many of these refugees were only able to take essentials with them as they left Ukraine.

Being far from their homes, their medical supplies will likely run out.

“This is more of a humanitarian aid crisis and need and that’s where we’re really leaning in and willing to provide our strengths as an organization to help support our partners in need,” Busser said.

As they make the trek to cross the border, it’s not an easy journey.

Wound care items like bandages and gauze are critical.

“There are several people who have walked over 50 kilometers to get to the border, so they’re seeing a lot of foot injuries, leg injuries, just your basic blisters and things like that,” Busser said.

MedWish also needs volunteers to help organize the items that will be shipped to refugees. You can sign up through their website linked here.

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