Cleveland Browns fans divided over decision to bring on QB Deshaun Watson

Published: Mar. 18, 2022 at 11:29 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Deshaun Watson will be the next quarterback for the Cleveland Browns.

The Browns are giving Watson a five-year $230 million dollar contract.

Some fans think with Watson’s skills on the field, the Browns will be a shoo-in for Super Bowl LVII.

“I think it’s unbelievable with the Browns,” said fan Brett Neeley. “I think it’s transcending. I think that between Nick Chubb, Amari Cooper, and him, we’re Super Bowl contenders now and I feel very good about our chances now.”

“I’ve been a Cleveland Brown fan like literally all my life, and I know every year we get so pumped up I just, I just hope and pray that this time, this change is actually a change for the Browns,” said another fan, Brenda Berry.

“As far as Deshaun Watson coming to the Browns I’m actually kind of happy,” said Clevelander, Starlett Clarke.

But Deshaun Watson’s abilities on the field aren’t the only thing people are talking about.

The NFL quarterback has been accused by 22 women of sexual assault.

While the criminal charges were dropped, there are still 22 pending civil lawsuits filed against him.

“I’m just not happy about it,” said fan Sean Prendergast. “I remember when this was all going down, I was like I just hope to God we don’t get Deshaun Watson and now we’re here and I’m just like this is probably the worst possible outcome in my mind.”

“I do know that Watson’s got the 22 cases of sexual assault, which 22 women probably aren’t wrong,” admitted Brown’s fan, Patrick Fayn. “But you know the game in the NFL if someone else would’ve got him so I think the Browns are thinking if someone else would’ve got Deshaun Watson they’re gonna let him play so why not us, it’s certainly split both ways in terms of he’s a good player but he definitely sexually assaulted women.”

Watson did not play last season after an offseason request to be traded plus the emergence of the 22 lawsuits against him alleging sexual assault and inappropriate conduct during massage sessions. In the upcoming season, Watson could still face suspensions and other penalties, but the NFL hasn’t made a final decision yet.

“I think that it’s not up to us to make that decision right now,” said Neeley. “I don’t think we know all the facts right now, but I feel like for us as a playing football team, it makes us a lot better, but hey if he has to live up to expectations in the league then we have to live with those.”

“Unless it’s been proven I don’t think that we can hold that against him,” said Berry. “It’s just not a fair thing to do so just like everything else and everybody else that we do here in Cleveland, give him a chance. Let him prove himself to see what he is or what he may not be for Cleveland Browns and that’s it.”

As far as Baker Mayfield goes, he’s probably leaving.

Most of the fans 19 News spoke to say they wish him the best of luck in the rest of his NFL career.

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