Bird e-bikes swoop into Cleveland

Cleveland is the first city in Ohio to receive these bikes
Published: Mar. 22, 2022 at 11:07 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Bird e-bikes are ready to be taken around the city of Cleveland with the summer around the corner. The company announced Tuesday that 100 e-bikes will be available in Cleveland.

" We’re currently operating 400 scooters across the city of Cleveland,” Vaughn Roland with Bird said. “We’ve seen amazing ridership and utilization and that’s why what better way to continue to supplement that by adding our e-bikes.”

Roland said top priorities with these e-bikes are safety and maintenance.

“The on-bike diagnostic system what that does basically it breaks down for us and lets us know when certain things are going wrong with the bike and the health of the bike as well,” Roland said. “That let’s us know when we need to service the things as well.”

To go for a spin, you download the Bird app and confirm you’re 18 or older. To unlock a bike, its costs a dollar then charges you per minute.

The company said this eco-friendly transportation has an assistance feature that will help some riders.

“If you’re going up and down some of Cleveland’s hilly areas throughout Ohio this is definitely going to be able to propel you a bit easier,” Roland said.

If you’re concerned about safety, keep in mind, these bikes must be used in the street, not the sidewalk. Most Cleveland streets don’t have a bike lane, which can be a safety concern.

“I think one thing to look at when you’re talking about new devices and new ways to move about a city there’s also an opportunity for the city of Cleveland to change the design of their streets to help accommodate people on bicycles and people on scooters,” Jason Kuhn with Bike Cleveland said.

Supporters, like Kuhn, hope it also sparks the conversation on how we can protect everyone, no matter the mode of transportation.

“Especially when you come into a downtown or urban area you really need to be on the lookout more for people on bikes and people on scooters and people on foot,” Kuhn said. “They don’t have the airbags and the roll cages and all the safety devices wrapped around them like you do in a car.”

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