Ukrainian priest in Fairview Park explains how we can help the people fighting for his home country

Fr. Mykhaylo Shkyndya moved to Fairview Park with his family just weeks before the Russian invasion
Published: Mar. 28, 2022 at 5:58 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - “We can never fight evil with evil,” Fr. Mykhaylo Shkyndya said. “We can just fight evil with kindness.”

Just weeks before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Fr. Mykhaylo Shkyndya moved with his family to Fairview Park to join St. Mary Magdalene Byzantine Catholic Church. The Ukrainian native worries every day for his family and friends fighting for their lives overseas.

“Pray as much as you can and believe it will happen,” Shkyndya said. “Maybe not today, I would like if it will stop today in this moment, but someday it will stop.”

It’s difficult for Shkyndya to imagine his home being destroyed and never recognizable again.

“You know it is hard because there was my childhood, there were born my kids,” Shkyndya said.

In this time of devastation, it’s easy to feel your faith being challenged and Shkyndya can understand that.

He said while most Ukrainians have lost all their belongings and Ukrainian soldiers risk their lives on the front lines, they still haven’t lost their faith.

“I think the part where there is war, everyone, if they didn’t believe in God this time they believe,” Shkyndya said.

It’s hard not to hope this war doesn’t last another day. However, what we do while we wait will help mend the heartbreak.

“The biggest kindness we can do is love each other,” Shkyndya said. “If we love each other, the little things or thing will make miracles around us.”

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